2 in 1 Basic Glucose Meter

The 2in1 Basic is an easy to use stand-alone glucose meter. The smart wheel functions as a test strip ejector so if you are worried about infection or cleanliness from touching used strips, then this is the perfect solution to hygienic glucose testing. The stored data can be sent to a pc so monitoring your blood glucose has never been easier.

Manufactured in the EU



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How To Use 2 in 1 Basic Glucose Meter

  • Step 1

    Insert the test strip into 2in1. BASIC + meter.

  • Step 2

    Touch the drop to test strip tip, and hold until the 2in1. BASIC + beeps.

  • Step 3

    Roll the eject wheel to discard the used strip.

  • Step 4

    The result of test will appear on screen.

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